A whole lot of people have helped me, inspired me, and encouraged me with my artwork over the years. Here are some of the more special ones:

My mom and dad, for teaching me to be independent.

My uncle Ace Kvale, for providing childhood inspiration. You can check out Ace's amazing photography at

Four special teachers at the U of M, for providing invaluable guidance:

  • Hank Rowan

  • Joyce Lyon

  • Jon Neuse

  • David Feindberg


Also thanks to some fellow artists who have given me advice and certainly share some of my artistic DNA:

Also a big thanks to my webcomic buddy Eric Clements, the author of  He did a wonderful job featuring a cameo appearance of me in his strip that you can see here:

My wife Cathleen for her continuous support.

And thanks to YOU for visiting the site!


- Rob Wingrove